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Pamper's Festive Sucker Punch

Perfect for an easy to drink, light pre-dinner cocktail to serve a swarm of guests. Just serve your guest in a large jello soup bowl and let them help themselves to save some elbow grease!

We are freezing the fruits instead of using ice cubes in this recipe so the cocktail doesn't dilute itself while the guests are chitchatting!

Pamper's festive boozy hampers recipes are meticulously tested with lots of trials and errors with our curated products to bring you the best home-made cocktail experience! Can you imagine how many cocktails we went through ? 😅

Please enjoy our delicious recipes created with passion, love and lots of giggles.


1.) 0.5 ounce Selsey's Ginger & Lemon syrup

2.) 1.5 ounce Glendalough Winter Edition Gin

3.) 4 ounce Belvoir Festive Fruit Punch

4.) 1 bunch of fresh mint

5.) 2 handfuls of tropical fruit (such as pineapple, kiwi, rasberry)

6.) 1 handful of citrus fruits (such as oranges or blood oranges, lime)

7.) nutmeg


  • Cut the fresh tropical fruits in cubes and pop them in the freezer, alternatively, buy already frozen ones from the supermarket save some energy to party

  • Slice the fresh citrus fruits thinly, store them in the fridge until later

  • Roughly chop your mint leaves and discard the stem

  • Pour the fruit punch, winter gin and syrup in a big soup bowl, mint, grate a little nutmeg and stir

  • Chill in fridge

  • Add the frozen fruit cubes and citrus slices before serve, Enjoy!

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