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5 best Christmas gifts for your partner in 2022

It always feel good to be pampered by your loved one especially during the holiday seasons. From splurging or something that is more of a humble budget, here are our top choices to pamper your partner this Christmas.

1.) Dyson Airwrap

Unless you have been living under a rock, owning a Dyson airwrap is in every single girl’s checklist. Having all the major beauty bloggers swearing by what a gamer changing it has been for their hair routine, it sure come with a heavy price tag.

It is sold officially $4480 on Dyson but you can purchase with a bargained sale price of $3799 at YOHO.

2.) Fancy Chocolate

Old but Gold. When people hear Godiva, its more than just fine chocolate- they imagine something classy and expensive. But actually Godiva could be very affordable too.

A decent sized beautifully Christmas imprinted box of chocolate only starts from $259, which doesn’t break the bank does it? And if you want to go all out, you may opt for a holiday luxury box of 42 pieces for $1899.

3.) Cashmere Cardigan

Want something more practical and affordable? You can never go wrong for getting some cosy items for your loved one. Especially when Muji is doing 20%-30% discount on goose down jackets and vest as well as cashmere cardigan until the 27th DEC.

4.) Ugly Christmas Sweater

UGLY Christmas sweaters can never go out of tradition! Think, Bridget Jones Diary.

With the wide collection of Christmas sweater that Marks & Spencers carry. What’s more effortless romantic than to be in your ugly christmas sweater, have a cup of cacao or mulled wine at home on a cold winter day while watching some cheesy Holiday rom coms?

Check out our best selection of holiday rom coms from our blog post: 5 best holiday rom coms that do not suck here.

5.) Homemade mulled wine

  • Want something that both of you gets to enjoy? CHECK ✔️

  • Want an activity both of you gets to participate? CHECK ✔️

  • Want some close “engagement” 😏 CHECK ✔️

Try making THE BEST mulled wine you will never taste from PAMPER’s mulled wine hamper, using the finest ingredients such as a dry and fruity high grade DOC Italian red wine, our gourmet Selsey ginger & lemon syrup and organic mulled wine spices from the UK.

Not a mulled wine person? We also have lots of other Christmas cocktail pampers to choose from such as candy cane spiced coffee martini, the egg snog… SHOP HERE for our boozy hamper collections.

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