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Best damn Spiced Coffee Martini recipe

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Classic coffee coffee Martini with a hint of Christmas?

Want to serve a cocktail instead of dessert after a heavy festive dinner?

Want something easy but impressive?

We gotcha!

It might just be the best martini you'd ever taste in your life.

We promise..... because we drank a ton of them before coming up with the best recipe for you : )


1.) 2 ounces of OUR VODKA/ Berlin vodka

2.) 1 tsp of Little's instant hazelnut espresso (dissolved in 1 ounce of water)

3.) 1.5 ounce of Mr black RUM BARREL aged (special edition) cold brew coffee liqueur

4.) 0.5 ounce Sesley gourmet mulling syrup


  • Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, or any bottle you have in hand ( thermal flask works great too!) with a couple of ice cubes

  • Sieve out the ice

  • Pour it in a fancy cocktail glass

  • Don't forget it top your cocktail with coffee foam at the bottom of the shaker

  • Volia, its Christmas in a glass right there

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