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5 tips on how to make a first great impression meeting your partner's parents this holiday season

Meeting 'the parents' for the first time is surely an important yet vital milestone in you and your partner's relationship.

Meeting the parents could be exciting yet little daunting at the same time, since this is the season to gather around the table for a talk while enjoying a delicious Christmas meal, it's not always easy to know which topics will be a hit with the mom and dad.

Fear not my friends! Pamper is here to help.

This season, stick to Pamper's tips of DO's and DON'Ts and our parent-approved conversations that will not only keep you in the safe zone but get you in their good graces.

1.) Don't go empty-handed

Always bring a gift, better be prepared than sorry! I can guarantee you everyone likes to be pampered, your best friend, your partner, your boss...especially during the holidays.

You can NEVER go wrong with food, a food hamper from Pamper is almost a no-brainer.

2.) Do your DD (Due Diligence)

Yes, we are not joking. Doing your due diligence also applies here too!

Find out as much as you can about your partner's parents before the big meet up so you can 'casually' bring up and be able to engage in topics of their interests.

Unless you are into awkward silences.

3.) Avoid touchy subject

I don't only mean sensitive topics like politics.

Again, showing the importance of doing your DD before the meet up. It helps to not accidentally bring up an awkward family taboo subject too. There's no worse way of spoiling the dinner than an accidental slip up.

4.) Dress to impress

It sounds like a naively simple advice but you might be surprised that

Princeton researchers found out people decide on your trustworthiness only a tenth of a second

which is even before you get to open your mouth and speak. Being how well dressed also affects the psychology of your behaviour too, according to Leads University research.

So girls, please don't wear skirts so short that reveals your Pink Taco when you sit and a top so low that you had to fish out crumbs in your bosoms during dinner. Save the outfit for an after dinner treat for your partner instead.

And boys, please double check if you socks have holes in them and save your shorts for another casual occasion!

5.) Show appreciation to their invitation

It’s always a good idea to lead off the conversation by thanking them for inviting you to their lovely home to gain some extra points.

You can also casually add in that you’ve never been to their area before, which can then lead to a nice opening conversation.

Good Luck !

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