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5 Best Holiday Rom-Coms that do not suck.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

What better way to end the night with Netflix and Chill with a basket of goodies after a nice Christmas meal with someone you want to impress *wink wink*?

  • Want to escalate the night with romantic vibes after balling out on a fancy dinner? CHECK ✔️

  • Want to savage the homemade meal that didn’t go exactly as planned? CHECK ✔️

  • Want to show that you could be sensitive and well-planned underneath the skin of a tough guy 🏋🏻 CHECK ✔️

Well in most cases this almost never fails.

1.) The Holiday

Guys common, It's Cameron Diaz.

And girls, its Jude Law.

Arguably the best holiday rom-com ever. Along with co-stars like Kate Winslet and Jet Black. The story is so wholesome that my heart still skips a beat till this day when I re-watch it.

2.) Love Actually

Love is in the air! Holiday romance doesn’t get more classic than that.

With 10 different short plots, all stories are coherent at the of the moving, which is perfect for you and your other half to wait for the big finale.

Do you know the movie is an all Brit cast?

Starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and young Keira Knightley, the nostalgia is giving me all the feels this season.

3.) Bridget Jones Diary 1&2

Classic awkward romcom with lots of WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE scene that’s probably not ok today, the don’t make romcoms the same way anymore.

And fun fact?

Renee Zellweger is actually from Texas but she totally nailed the British accent.

Best part of choosing this movie? There’s part 1, part 2 AND part 3, a PERFECT excuse to miss the last train * second base alert*

4.) You've Got Mail

This is without a doubt the OG of Christmas rom com. Why? The infamous scenes of internet dial-up and back when emailing a pen pal was still a thing was probably a big give away!

Did you know?

Tom Hanks filmed ‘ you got mail’ straight after the success of ‘Forest Trump’! and

Meg Ryan never had a computer before filming. Mind-blown!

5.) Four Christmases

I feel like this is perfect Xmas movie for couples who are based in Hong Kong.

Perfect portray of dilemmas that modern work-driven couples who are successful, work and life-style orientated meets family chaos and the thought of welcoming a new family member.

Best part ? I don’t know if anyone can resists the wit of Vince Vaugh and the charms of American sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.

Extra Bonus Points for a successful evening


Prepare a comfy blanket , not too big but small enough to be snug with the girl of your dreams while you are watching the film

  • BYOH

Yes, I know you had a scrumptious meal. But I guarantee you everyone get peckish during a film and what better way to be prepared to have a festive food hamper which has everything you need? Toasted marshmallow popcorn, SORTED. Christmas pudding, SORTED. Truffle crisps, SORTED. Bubbly? SORTED?

Best part? The leftovers of the hampers serves great for your boxing day crew too!


As proud as you are of your man cave, it doesn’t hurt to get the cleaner to freshen up the place up a little to show that we are all capable to being a functional human being while being a well-planned, well-groomed, tasteful hunk, does it?

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