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10 witty response to dodge questions gracefully when your relatives oversteps this Chinese New Year

1.)Why aren’t you married already? You ain’t getting younger

“Because you are already taken”

2.) Why aren’t you guys having babies yet?

“Because I prefer taking care of you rather than taking care of babies”

Parents swiftly hands you a hefty amount of red pocketS

3.) So when are you finally going to move out of your parent’s basement and get your own property?

“I’m up for your offer to help out with the instalments”

4.) I heard you are doing well in your job- How much savings do you have ?

“Not as much as Warren Buff.”

5.) Which/ how many schools gave your child an offer?

“A top notch place in my eyes just as you are in my heart”

6.) Did you give your parents any red pocket?

“They save up all my income for me so I can buy them a house. ”

7.)* super persistent* : Can I hold your new born? ( hands had been picking their toes previously, been to 5 places before visiting yours)

“The doctor says he has this super contagious disease- do you mind going in Covid full gear?”

8.) When are you having your next baby?

“ our baby doesn’t like other babies”

9.) Are you in a relationship?

( take your pocket mirror out stares at your own reflection )

“ I only love myself. Can’t find anything better to top this”

10.)Why aren’t you bringing your partner to show him/her off?

“He/she and I are very alike, we like to spend time with family in CNY. Just as I am fulfilling my duties right now”

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